About Us

Yayasan Peduli Sindroma Down Indonesia (Indonesian Down Syndrome Care Foundation) is a non-profit foundation that focuses on empowering children, youth and adults with Down’s Syndrome or other Intellectual Disabilities.

Yapesdi was initiated by and for Morgan, a person with Down syndrome with his mother because of concerns about the lack of equal peers.

Her mother, a women activist, then invited her friends, all of whom are women activists, to establish an organization aimed at defending the interests and rights of people/children with Down syndrome in particular and people/children with intellectual disabilities in general. This organization was later established as a legal entity in the form of a foundation in 2017.

However, because a person with Down syndrome is considered not to have legal capacity, Morgan’s name can not be written as the founder of the organization and therefore, to respect his role in the founding of this organization, Morgan’s birthday is taken as the day of the founding of the organization, which is November 23.

The founders and administrators listed in the deed of the foundation are Dewi Sawitri Tjakrawinata, Estu Fanani (deceased), Rena Herdiyani, Listyowati, Yohanna Tantria Wardhani and Mike Verawati Tangka.


To realize a society with friendly, fair, and sensitive culture towards children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly living with Down’s Syndrome or other Intellectual Disabilities.


Empowering people with intellectual disabilities, especially young people or teenagers

Advocating on the rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Increase the capacity of youths or people with Intellectual Disabilities along with their parents, family, companion, or support persons.

Providing accessible information for the Intellectual Disabilities community, especially those with Down syndrome.

Ensuring government policies are in accordance with the CRPD and ensuring state responsibilities regarding respect, protection, and fulfillment of the rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.


We hold various activities for groups with Down's Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities.

Community Empowerment

Create peer group classes, self-advocate classes for Youths with Intellectual Disabilities (YwID), conduct human rights & CRPD training, provide GEDSI and CRPD training for parents, etc

Oublic Advocacy

Engaging in documentation, research, mentoring, and public campaigns.

Information Sharing

Making easy-read modules introducing Human Rights, CRPD, GEDSI, Sex & Sexuality Education, Mental Health, etc. so that they are easily accessible to groups with Intellectual Disabilities, especially for people with Down syndrome.

Ensuring Government Policy

Involved in all planning activities of laws and regulations and their derivatives, communicating with various ministries (Ministry Of Women Empowerment And Child Protection, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Education and Culture), etc.

Our Team

One heart for those living with Down’s Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities.

Dewi Tjakrawinata
Co-Founder, Head of Governing Board

Morgan Maze
International Self-Advocate

Marwa Basyarahil
Head of Community Development

Terra Istinara
Media Social and Website Officer

International Engagement

Yapesdi is actively involved with the global community in international activities

Come contribute!

Together we can create a more pleasant environment for friends living with Down’s Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. You can make a donation, or join as a volunteer.