The Indonesian Down Syndrome Care Foundation organizes a number of classes for young people with Down’s Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities.


Get new friends

Become a more independent person

Self recognizing

Better communication skills

Able to manage yourself

More confident

Better social skills

Able to be a self-advocate

Let's Speak Up

Let’s Speak Up (Ayo Ngomong) is a class that prepares students with Down syndrome to learn soft skills (understanding and managing oneself, managing emotions and communicating with friends and other people). At the same time, we prepare students to be able to speak and think for themselves and, in the end, can become self-advocates

Participant Terms

Let's Speak Up Class

You may access class documentation here

Peer Group

Peer Group Class is a mentoring class for teenagers/young adults with Down syndrome to enter adulthood, learn about fundamental rights, get basic sexual education, raise mental health awareness, find their passion, and encourage and educate each other so that students can work together in teams, seek job opportunities or learn new and practical things that are useful in everyday life.


Open Classes are aimed at both students and parents/companions. They can also be for parents with Down syndrome children from outside the community. The purpose of the classes is to increase knowledge about an issue to better understand in assisting children, usually with the help of resource persons outside the community.

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